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Vitess Bicycle Review

For three days I had the luxury of test riding a Vitess road bike and though the time was short I made sure I got in as much riding time I could and for good reason: this bike rode like a dream. Built in Canada, Vitess bikes are all high performance carbon fibre road bikes tailored to match the needs of the rider.

What sets Vitess apart from most road bikes out there is the fact that they are tailored to the rider; rather than having a few choices in parts and sizes Vitess bikes offer flexibility in how each bike is assembled. Julien Pappon, founder of Vitess, explains that he wants to give riders the ultimate riding experience and in order to do that the bike needs to be as unique as the cyclists who use them whether they are a Master 1 racer or a recreational rider. That means that when you buy a Vitess bike you get to choose amongst different wheel sets, drive train components, and other components such as the saddle and handlebar that best suit your needs. To help determine the appropriate build and to optimize comfort and performance Vitess consult riders in matching the bike to them and even offer bike fitting by a professional to ensure your bike fits you.

In the Vitess showroom in Toronto’s west-end

The Vitess bike that I got to test ride was a full carbon road bike with Shimano Ultegra group, Vitess’ house brand 38mm aero-carbon wheels, and was topped off with 3T Pro components and fi’zi:k saddle.  The bike looks fantastic and comes in a sleek Arctic Force paint job, special detail was made in both the function and practicality of the bike which is evident in everything from the internal cable housing to the matching coloured cable crimps.

The moment I left the show room I noticed a huge difference in performance compared to my steel road bike. The carbon fibre frame and wheels made Toronto’s pot holes and road blemishes almost unnoticeable as carbon fibre is remarkable in reducing road vibration. Though I was extremely nervous and fidgety at first I quickly felt comfortable riding the bike as I blitzed home along Lakeshore Blvd and the Martin Goodman Trail. It felt like the bike was responsive to my every move adding confidence in my cornering, climbing, and sprinting. Cross winds were a bit hard to take at first as the wind would whip up against the deep profile of the rims but with a bit of practice I quickly got the hang of it.

Carbon fibre, 38mm deep clincher rim.

3T Pro components

Shimano Ultegra f0r super smooth shifting

On a separate ride, I decided to tackle some hills in Toronto and though we may not have the Alps or steep climbing stages like in the Tour de France I did a continuous loop of a 7% gradient hill for an hour. Climbing both in the saddle and standing on the pedals felt great as the bike responded to my every movement; I didn’t have to focus on balance all I had to do was pedal harder and faster. On all of my rides I felt confident and in complete control of the bike which are two must haves on any kind of ride from a group ride in a tight pack of riders or a solo effort climbing the Niagara Escarpment.

So is a Vitess bike right for you? Though the price tags on these bikes are really steep for most commuter cyclists it is important to note that there is value in the price. Having done many long distance charity and recreational rides I’ve had my share of cycling injuries and discomfort as a result of poor bike fit and I’m sure that many other riders have had similar experiences. Vitess bikes come with a proper bike fitting to maximize efficiency and to decrease the risk of injury which is important for those with chronic injuries or those who plan on some long distance rides. The high-end components may be expensive but they are long-term investments; long lasting, quality components are more reliable and will require less costly maintenance/replacement in the long run. Cyclists looking for quality, performance and the need for speed all in a bike made just for them should definitely look at Vitess bikes.

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Posted: May 3rd, 2010
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2 Comments on “Vitess Bicycle Review”

  1. 1 Joe T. said at 6:12 pm on May 3rd, 2010:

    Great review! These bikes are no where near my price range, but now I want one. :)

    Great pics too.

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