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My Ride pt 1

For some of us, having photos of our bikes is as normal as a parent with photos of their kids. Sure it’s an inanimate object but the bike can be a liberating, self-empowering means of transportation/fitness/pleasure so a lot of us take pride in our steeds especially those who have taken the time to customize and build it to their own liking. I’ll be posting a few posts on my bikes which I use for commuting, training, fitness, and anything else in between.

First up is the bike I put more ride time in than any other bike – my KSH Flite 100 track bike AKA Free Bird.

Bought in 2008, it was my first big bike investment I’ve ever made. Previous to it, I was riding a single-speed road bike I built out of a Canadian Tire frame which wasn’t bad but was far from good. I have used this bike for nearly everything from everyday commuting, road rides with the bike club and track cycling in the velodrome. Riding fixed gear in the city and on the velodrome has helped improve my cycling and made it much more fun. This bike opened up a whole new world and I suddenly found myself engrossed in cycling culture and biked to places all over Toronto and even Ontario. This bike literally took me places my education couldn’t, which is why it was nicknamed Free Bird.

The current configuration is for road riding use, it has a low 48×19 gear ratio which allows me to tackle a lot of the rolling hills I face outside of Toronto

This is the bike’s old track setup. This one has a gear ratio of 48×16 which is around the same range as most beginner track bikes. Like all track bikes, this bike does not have brakes installed since you cannot have brakes when riding on track (ironically, brakes in the velodrome is less safe).

Lastly, my bike as my commuter. The simplicity of fixed gear bikes means less finicky parts require maintenance which is perfect for riding in adverse conditions, I just swapped out the clipless pedals for flats with toe cages and I slapped on a fender and it’s ready for anything.

Taking photos and talking about my bike is fun and all but I think riding it is even better so I’m off to go for a ride!

Posted: April 11th, 2010
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2 Comments on “My Ride pt 1”

  1. 1 cFletch said at 1:00 pm on April 11th, 2010:

    Sweet. Nice bikes.

  2. 2 This is KSH Flite 100 track bike AKA Free Bird | fixed gear bike said at 8:12 pm on June 12th, 2011:

    [...] [VIA] [...]

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