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A sign of the times

You know something is mainstream when it’s being sold in Walmart:

Some bike bloggers on the intertubes are going crazy about Walmarts new bike, the Mongoose Cachet. Though Walmart is quite ambiguous about the specs of the bike one look at it clearly indicates that it is the big-box attempt at entering the fixed-gear/single-speed world of cycling. It’s heavy, it’s cheap, it’s got no-name componentry, and it probably comes in only one size but this is still big news in my books. From a anti-big box consumer’s perspective I think this is pretty funny that Walmart is trying to reach out to this niche crowd, but from a cyclist’s perspective there is a lot of potential with this bike.

Most new commuters I see don’t jump into the bike scene with a hybrid or a cute Dutch bike, rather they are toting around heavy-than-needed too-much-suspension mountain bike that they purchased at a big box store like Walmart. They aren’t practical and the components are of poor quality since they need to cut corners in quality to make it affordable. This bike can change all that. Now, new commuters have a chance of owning a bike free of uneccessary extras like dual-suspension or super heavy frames. This bike could have a lot of potential as a commuter as its single speed drive train is easier to maintain than a multi-geared bike and it’s chunky 700c wheels are much better for city streets over knobby mountain bike tires (it also looks like the wheels are 48 spoke? If so that could mean a practically bomb-proof wheelset). I can’t wait to see these in Canada.

Posted: March 27th, 2010
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3 Comments on “A sign of the times”

  1. 1 Joe T. said at 11:07 am on March 27th, 2010:

    Looks okay. Not enough to get me to step foot in a Wal-Mart, but for those that do, it’s definitely interesting.

  2. 2 michael holloway said at 4:18 pm on April 1st, 2010:

    I know WalMart is all about destroying the post World War Two liberal democratic model; so this is how I see the WalMart execs thinking on this:

    1. Single gear, no maintenance – because North Americans are lazy and deserve what they get.

    2. Hybrid Style, because North Americans are into style over substance – their greedy, plastic sensibilities will land them in hell sooner or later – why not make a buck off the collapse?

    3. 48 spoke wheels because they look cool – and North Americans will need extra strong wheels to ride crumbling roads which will further degenerate because minimum wage WalMart employees can’t afford the taxes it’s going to take to re-new 30 years of conservative greed and neglect of North American infrastructure.


  3. 3 Alex said at 6:40 pm on July 26th, 2011:

    These are available in Canada now. I saw a white & red one at Wal-Mart a few weeks back. They look nice, cheap parts I’m sure but for $250, it’s a great start.

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