Dufferin Subway Station to Dufferin and Steeles

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Thanks to Biking Toronto member, Todd Tyrtle for making this map.
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Dufferin Subway Station to Dufferin and Steeles Todd Tyrtle 03 24 10 m holloway march 25 2010
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Todd Tyrtle added these comments:

“I had a few minutes this evening and put in the new route to work. I tweaked it a little from what I originally planned and it works pretty well. The only dicey parts of it are the 401 crossing. Making a left on to Wilson’s a pain and can take some time. Most folks up there ride the sidewalk and hardly anyone walks so I tried that this morning and it was much easier. From Finch on to the end is another part where though it isn’t legal and I can’t officially encourage it, I will say that everyone I’ve ever seen on that road is on the sidewalk. With a 70 (80?) km/hr speed limit and folks who go faster than that routinely I wouldn’t recommend the road to anyone. And there’s no good way around it either. *Other* than that it’s pretty safe. While the route I posted earlier today was prettier, this one’s definitely way less stressful.”

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