BikeWay: The Gerrard-Fairford-Woodfield ‘Alternative’

This map has a companion article over at the blog, that expands on the terms “Enabled” & “Alternative” bike route; routes in the old city, on the “graph paper grid”, that avoid dangerous  intersections and corridors – like this one that avoids the intersection of Coxwell Ave. and Lower Gerrard Street – and the super busy bazaar that is Gerrard Street between Coxwell and Greenwood Avenues: “Bikeway Route” around dangerous Coxwell and Lower Gerrard.

View BikeWay: Gerrard-Fairford-Woodfield Alternative in a larger map.

Click on this link (or the map) to go to the interactive Google map, “BikeWay: Gerrard-Fairford-Woodfield Alternative” (opens in a new tab).

Tags: Gerrard Street East, Coxwell Ave., Greenwood Ave., Jones Ave., Dundas Street East,

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