Jones Ave and Dundas St E to Leslie Spit and the Tommy Thompson Park Biking Trail

View Leslieville to Leslie Spit via the Tommy Thompson Park Biking Trail in a larger map

Jones Avenue Bike Lane
Queen St E
Rushbrooke Ave (wrong way, one way north bound – should be two way bike lane)
Eastern Avenue Bike Lane (extremely dangerous – needs a bike crossing light)
Price Chopper Parking lot and walkway extremely dangerous – needs to be made into a bike lane)
Lower Don Recreational Trail
Martin Goodman Trail


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About michael holloway

A long distance runner and a cyclist all my life, my 40th birthday, mid-life crisis saw me become a full time messenger in Toronto - 80 kilometres a day, winter and summer for 3 years. I was in the best shape of my life - both mentally and physically - but three accidents, the chaos and a war for space between bikes and other road users was turning me into a 21 Century road raging zealot. I had to quit. I had learned midtown and the core and of this city like the back of my hand - and that mental mapping changed me forever. I still cycle everywhere but my work is now the pursuit of my other life long ambition - to make myself into a writer.

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