A test of Google Maps “My Maps” application

Today, as a test I made this map in Google Maps using their “My Maps” feature.

This is a route from Queen’s Quay and Lower Sherbourne to the “Darcy Allen Sheppard Memorial Bikeway” (my invention, from Huntley west on Bloor to Avenue Road). A bicycle icon marks the spot where messengers, and many more set up a Memorial to Darcy in the days after his death – on August 31, last year.

Click on the map to go the the original Google Map

Queens Quay and Lower Sherbourne to Bloor Street West and Huntley Street

Queens Quay and Lower Sherbourne to Bloor Street West and Huntley Street

Tags: Bloor St. East, Bloor St. West, Darcy Allen Sheppard Memorial Bikeway, Huntley St., Lower Sherbourne, Queen’s Quay East

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One thought on “A test of Google Maps “My Maps” application

  1. I wanted to know if anything is still being done in the honor of Darcy Allen Sheppard? I would like to state that any money going to Darcy`s children in fund raisers that is going to Misty to take care of “his kids” is not going to his kids. NONE of her children are Darcy’s. His children, and there are three, are Jonathan Sheppard-Flowers, Shayla Sheppard-Flowers, who both live in foster care in Packenham Ontario, and one child named Andrew Schlender who lives in Edmonton Alberta. Misty is collecting this money unfairly as her children have father’s that are not Darcy. His children deserve to be helped, and held through this trauma but Misty has selfishly soaked up all of this attention, not mentioning the children he has due to jealousy.

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