Hi there, just wondering if you have any…

Hi there, just wondering if you have any advice for me – on Wednesday during rush hour I have to bike from Dovercourt and Bloor to York University. Looking for the most pleasant and safest route,


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  1. Sure – the route I take isn’t too bad, though I go to Dufferin and Steeles. I’d say start with this: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Dufferin-Station-to-Dufferin-and-Steeles but once you get to Dufferin and Supertest go left. Make a right on Alness and a left on Steeles. (Sorry – this is a bit crappy but you don’t have to stay here long). Left on Petrolia and then right on Canarctic. That will take you right on to the York campus.

    There are some even quieter sidestreets on the Bikely route but that route is my best balance between being pleasant/quiet and too slow because of frequent stop signs.

    Hope this helps!

    [EDITOR – as an experiment I embed the map Todd is pointing to.]

  2. I was just looking at the map..can’t you go straight across that section on the recreational trail?

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