Queen’s Quay to the bottom of Beverley at Queen

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This route starts at where the Martin Goodman Trail connects with Queen’s Quay West. It’s a challenge to find a good route north into the core from Queen’s Quay West, Bathurst, Spadina, York, Bay and Yonge are all awful car routes full of cabs and noxious carbon monoxide – this is my favorite alternative. It’s a beautiful ride around to the Steam Whistle Roundhouse Brewery, up and around Rogers Centre (Sky Dome) to Peter Street, then a zig-zag at Queen onto Soho and through the ally to Beverley just north of Queen.

Beautiful Quiet Route - that avoids the ugly, dangerous car routes north from Queen's Quay (Bathurst, Spadina, York, Bay & Yonge)

Beautiful Quiet Route - that avoids the ugly, dangerous car routes north from Queen's Quay West (Bathurst, Spadina, York, Bay & Yonge)

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