Toronto: Eglington Avenue and Avenue Road to College St. and University Avenue

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(Click on the map to go to the original Sport Distance Calculator map.)
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Thanks to “Opinionated Lizz” for her Question in Twitter:

And Joe for responding at Biking Toronto Blog:

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About michael holloway

A long distance runner and a cyclist all my life, my 40th birthday, mid-life crisis saw me become a full time messenger in Toronto - 80 kilometres a day, winter and summer for 3 years. I was in the best shape of my life - both mentally and physically - but three accidents, the chaos and a war for space between bikes and other road users was turning me into a 21 Century road raging zealot. I had to quit. I had learned midtown and the core and of this city like the back of my hand - and that mental mapping changed me forever. I still cycle everywhere but my work is now the pursuit of my other life long ambition - to make myself into a writer.

5 thoughts on “Toronto: Eglington Avenue and Avenue Road to College St. and University Avenue

  1. Ooh – I like this one. I was taking a variant of this to get from Dufferin and Bloor to Dufferin and Steeles (I know – a *very* big detour but who wants to go on Dufferin all that way?). I always used to take Kilbarry to cross over Oriole (Bike Route 35 south) but if I go this way again I’ll have to check out Lawton. Apropos of nothing, is it me, or does the city have something against the residents of that stretch of Kilbarry? The pavement is some of the worst I’ve seen in the city.

    Weather permitting (I’m not up for biking in cold rain) I’m going to try an alternate route to Dufferin and Steeles ( If it works out I’ll post it in Sport Distance Calculator).

    Thanks for doing these – they’re awesome!

  2. Your welcome Todd, and I look forward to your map from Dufferin/Steeles.

    My experience are routes in this box: Keele, Eglington, Victoria Park – down to the lake. Out side of that I need help! I can’t see myself posting routes that I haven’t ridden.

    I made an exception the other day and posted a map, Royal York Road and Bloor to Humber Bay Park. I’m hoping for lots of feed back on that one – I’m half expecting something like are you crazy!!? You cant take… :)

    We will see.


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