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History of BikingToronto

BikingToronto started in January 2006 when a guy (Joe) started biking to work when the streetcar line he usually rode was taken out of service for track reconstruction.  He started posting stories and photos from his daily commute, and the site quickly evolved into a collection of news and information resources.  Joe found it hard to find out about news and events … having to search many different sites and mailing lists, so he decided to make a site that collected all of this info.

Interactive Google Maps

Noticing the lack of online map resources, BikingToronto was the first website to use GoogleMaps to organize some bike information according to geography.  The first map completed (in January 2006) was the Toronto BikeShop Map, followed soon by the Toronto Bikelane Map.  These maps have since been duplicated on other sites

I Bike T.O.

Joe designed the well-known “I Bike T.O.” logo in February 2006, which is available on shirts at buttons at http://www.ibiketo.org, where 100% of profits are given to cycling-related charities in Toronto.  Read more about the logo here.

The Social Network for Cyclists in Toronto

In December 2009, BikingToronto transitioned from a regular “blog” and forum to a social network site for cyclists in Toronto.  This focuses on building relationships among people who share an interest in cycling in Toronto as not only a competitive or recreational activity, but as a regular mode of transportation as well.   Each member on BikingToronto has a member page, the ability to “friend” other members, message other members, discuss events and news, and much more.  View the Site Guide for more details.