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Joe runs BikingToronto.

About BikingToronto.com

BikingToronto started in 2006 with the goal of compiling Toronto cycling information in one place.  It is Toronto’s largest and most popular site for finding cycling information as well as learning about cycling news and events.

BikingToronto focuses on building relationships among people who share an interest in cycling in Toronto as not only a competitive or recreational activity, but as a regular mode of transportation as well.

There are almost a million cyclists in Toronto!

The 2006 census told us that 900,000 Torontonians use their bicycles regularly, and 20,000 of those use their bikes for commuting to work.  This is a huge segment of the city’s population… yet cycling issues are often marginalized.  With 900,000 people identifying themselves as cyclists, why is cycling a fringe issue in Toronto?

BikingToronto is for regular cyclists

The vast majority of Toronto’s 1 million cyclists are not extreme, or rule breakers, or red light runners.

Most cyclists are normal people.  They bike to work.  They bike their kids to school.  The go on family outings by bike.  They are your friends, your children, your parents, your neighbours and they are you.  They are cyclists and they are pedestrians and they are car drivers.

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